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Is This Mic On?

Posted by Michael J. Sielaff on June 6, 2013 at 8:35 PM

"I was going to get my entire left arm tattooed with a motorcycle gang smoking weed while shooting their guns to impress you, but then I read you're profile more closely.  So I'm changing a lot in order to make this work.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a bun in the oven that needs tending to..."        -twotoedsloth, OkCupid



Do your feet get wet in the rain because you like to jump in puddles or because you have poorly insulated shoes? If it's the latter, I know a guy... (8/24/12, 5:06pm)


I jump in puddles with poorly insulated shoes! (8/24/12 - 8:58pm)


I like to jump on poodles with poorly insulated common sense. Don't tell PETA. (8/27/12 - 3:50pm)

[No response]


You told PETA, didn't you? (9/6/12 - 10:33am)


"Ultrasound (is that a play on words because you're into live shows?), huh? Maybe you can help me...I'm in the second week of my 1st trimester and was wondering if I should have an ultrasound done."  -twotoedsloth

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